DPM 2012 SP1 – Manually copy large volume to secondary DPM server

At our site our file server is quite large and is required to be backed up offsite via DPM replication

As the volume is around 4TB and we have a 10mb/s link this would have taken a large amount of time

The solution is to copy the volume to removable media and then relocate it to the secondary DPM server


  1. Configure the protection on the secondary site as you would normally but select “manual” when asked if you want to start the synchronization now
  2. On the primary DPM server locate the volume you wish to have replicated and at the bottom of the screen click “Replica Path”. you cant expand the window but if you double click on the end of the column (instead of clicking and dragging) you can expand the column to its full size

DPM Replica Path

  1. Open the command prompt and type “mountvol” and locate the replica path, then mark and copy the line above it

mountvol marked

  1. Type “mountvol” followed by an unused drive letter and the paste the previous contents (e.g. mountvol T:\ \\?\Volume{4bae1ccb-e2eb-11e2-93ee-00155d032025}\)

mountvol paste

  1. Open your newly mounted volume and see if you are able to access all folders, if need to change the owner, I suggest to the local administrator
  2. Copy contents of mounted volume to your removable media
  3. Relocate removable media to secondary site
  4. Repeat steps 1-5 on secondary DPM server
  5. Paste contents of removable media into mounted volume
  6. Run a consistency check on the server

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