Dell TL2000 Status – Media Attention

This week i decided to tackle and issue with our tape library that has been there for several months now and Dell was unable to give me any feedback as to what might be causing it


Up until this point i was very reluctant to touch anything as the library is not completely reliable (despite this being our second unit)

So after a fair amount of poking around the web gui i was able to work out what was showing this annoying warning

In our library i have two cleaning tapes, but had the number of active slots set to 23.

After changing this number the number to 21 the error went away and the library status is now green


I did notice that this caused DPM to be unable to see the cleaning tapes and thus you cant initiate a drive clean from within the DPM console. This is an inconvenience but not a large issue because i have left the “Auto Clean Enabled” box ticked which should keep the drive clean

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